The Northug Eyewear Performance Collection is made for those who place great demands on their equipment.


The glasses are created for performance and have a large range of characteristics which will improve your performance, regardless of your sport or activity.


SwiftClick™ by Northug is a system for removing and putting in glass lenses. This provides an effective way of interchanging lenses quickly.


The Northug Performance Gold Series covers all your needs for high intensity activities. The series includes a total of 3 lenses: REVO UV400-lens (high), UV400-lens (regular) and a Photochromatic lens (high). In addition to that you also get exchangeable top and bottom-frames which are exclusive to the Gold-series. Check out our video for more information and different ways to use the glasses.


Northug Performance Silver Series includes a total of 2 lenses: the REVO UV400 (high) lens and UV400-lens (regular) which provides you with excellent protection against the elements during high intensity activities. In addition, you have the ability to customize and adapt the glasses for optimal fit and weather conditions. Check out the video for more information on the Silver series.


Northug Performance Classic Series includes a total of two, interchangeable UV400 regular lenses. The series have many of the same key characteristics as the glasses in the Silver and Gold series and offers good protection against the elements. The series covers the basic requirements for good quality sports glasses, and you can easily upgrade to lenses with more advanced quality if needed. Check out the video for more information.



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